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Vintage designer watches offer timeless style and exceptional craftsmanship. These unique, rare items can appreciate in value, making them smart investments. They carry historical significance and sentimental value, often being passed down through generations. Choosing a vintage watch is also environmentally conscious, promoting recycling. Made from high-quality materials and showcasing intricate mechanical excellence, vintage watches are not just functional accessories but also personal expressions of elegance and sophistication.

All watches restored in Japan by MOKMOK Jewelry's specially-selected artisan.

Brand new battery installed before shipping.

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Y2K Silver Butterfly Charm Layered NecklaceY2K Silver Butterfly Charm Layered Necklace
Y2K Baby Blue Seafoam Silver Starry Layered Necklace (2 in 1)Y2K Baby Blue Seafoam Silver Starry Layered Necklace (2 in 1)
Y2K Pink Chrome Heart Rosetta NecklaceY2K Pink Chrome Heart Rosetta Necklace
Y2K Black Chrome Heart Rosetta NecklaceY2K Black Chrome Heart Rosetta Necklace