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Amethyst Rainbow Fluoride Healing Crystal Bracelet

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A harmonious balance of calm and vitality.

Amethyst, revered for its ability to instill tranquility and enhance spiritual awareness, forms the heart of this bracelet. Paired alongside rainbow fluorite, known for its power to cleanse and align the chakras, this bracelet becomes a conduit for both relaxation and revitalization.

Whether you're seeking a touch of serenity or a burst of positive energy, the Rainbow Fluorite Amethyst Bracelet offers it all. Its graceful fusion of colors and energies makes it a thoughtful gift for yourself or your loved ones, a timeless reminder of the connection between inner peace and vibrant spirit.

Customize your crystal bracelet by adding your chosen charms below, creating a unique and personalized piece that is entirely your own. Plated with real 18-karat gold. Comes with complimentary faux leather jewelry box.

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Amethyst Rainbow Fluoride Healing Crystal Bracelet
Amethyst Rainbow Fluoride Healing Crystal Bracelet Sale price$55.00


Known for its calming energy and spiritual connection, amethyst is often used to promote relaxation, intuition, and protection.


Diamonds without blood

We're talking about Zirconium - it's just as brilliant, just as hard, & just as beautiful. Only differences are, there's no heartless slave labour involved, and extortion-level price tags.

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With our hypoallergenic jewelry, you can finally adorn yourself with confidence and style, knowing that every piece has been thoughtfully created to prioritize your well-being.