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crystal bracelets

your time to shine

usher in wealth & fortune

Jade jewelry

Manifest your intentions with

tarot necklaces

Bring confidence and sophistication to any outfit


Opulence, Prosperity and the Natural Allure: Shop Jade pieces Now!
Usher in wealth, fortune and the everlasting charm of purple and green jade. Jade gets more pigmented the more you wear it. Treat yourself with Jade pieces today!

Timeless Beauty, Vibrant Energy: Shop Our Crystal Bracelets Now!
Carry & manifest your intentions wherever you go- whether you seek balance, love, calmness, protection, focus, or clarity. Adorn Your Wrist with Crystal Bracelets today!

your jewelry

It's more than adornment; it's a reflection of your identity, a testament to your journey, and a source of inspiration.

An Earful of Diamonds & Gold
18k gold-plated jewelry means that your jewelry pieces are 100% waterproof, tarnish-proof, and hypoallergenic. No more wasting time and money on jewelry turning green, skin irritations and infections. Sleep in them and never take them off! Comfortable screw-on backings. Lifetime colour guarantee!

Put a Ring on it
Get your sparkle on with our AAA grade zirconium diamond simulants. + they're 18k gold-plated too!

charm yourself

Add charms on your crystal bracelets to make it uniquely yours. Made from the highest quality AAA grade zirconium diamonds and 18-karat gold.

Shop the look

Shop the look

Save $5.00Darling Collection (set of 3)Darling Collection (set of 3)
Darling Collection (set of 3) Sale price$48.00 Regular price$53.00
Save $5.00Darling Collection (set of 3)Darling Collection (set of 3)
Darling Collection (set of 3) Sale price$48.00 Regular price$53.00
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jewelry that's

18-Karat Gold

Each piece is plated 5 times using an eco-friendly electroplating process with real 18-karat solid gold, giving it a brilliantly lustrous shine.

Diamond simulants

Heard of Zirconium? Your jewelry is made with the highest quality of diamond simulants to mimic the shine & sparkle that diamonds give. No cruel labour and slavery involved. Truly ethical.


Your jewelry is made with high quality materials. A comfortable and irritation-free wearing experience, that's also waterproof & tarnish-proof.


Time Honoured Craftsmanship by fusing powdered glass onto a metal surface, making each piece unique. With a variety of colors and finishes, enamel jewelry is versatile, durable and long-lasting, altogether a great investment piece.

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