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Rose Quartz & Aquamarine Crystal Bracelets (Set of 2)

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Experience the harmonious fusion of energies with our Aquamarine & Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelets. This set of 2 embodies the exquisite combination of aquamarine's calming aura and rose quartz's loving essence, providing a versatile and transformative accessory.

Designed to be worn together or separately, these bracelets offer a balance of tranquility and compassion. The aquamarine promotes serenity while the rose quartz radiates self-love and emotional healing. When combined, they create a powerful synergy, or you can choose to wear them individually, adapting to your mood and intention. Great for stacking or matching gifts!

Adorning this set are 18 karat gold charms—a clover and a butterfly—adding a touch of elegance and symbolism. The clover signifies luck and growth, while the butterfly represents transformation and change, enhancing the depth of meaning behind these bracelets.

This set comes with 2 complimentary faux leather jewelry boxes.

Choose Charm on Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet:
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Rose Quartz & Aquamarine Crystal Bracelets (Set of 2)
Rose Quartz & Aquamarine Crystal Bracelets (Set of 2) Sale price$79.00 Regular price$120.00

aquamarine & Rose quartz

Aquamarine is believed to promote calmness, soothing the mind and enhancing communication, while Rose Quartz is associated with fostering self-love, emotional healing, and attracting love and harmony into one's life. When combined, these crystals create a synergistic effect that encourages emotional balance, inner harmony, and a deeper connection to both self and others.

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