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Jade, Rose Quartz & Aquamarine Crystal Bracelets (Set of 3)

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Trios - the only thing better than pairs. Introducing the enchanting trio of Jade, Rose Quartz, and Aquamarine crystals. Each bracelet represents a unique facet of well-being—Jade for fortune, Rose Quartz for love's embrace, and Aquamarine for tranquility.

All crystals are 100% real and authentic from various parts of the world - Hong Kong, Japan and Burma. Mix, match, and stack these bracelets to effortlessly enhance your aura and radiate confidence. All crystal bracelets are 18-karat gold plated (down to the clasp!). The charms are also plated with 18k gold and made with zirconium diamond simulants to ensure its sparkle and shine.


Ships in 2-3 weeks due to high demand volume. Please proceed to make an order as per normal and we will ship immediately once the bracelets have been made. Our team is working round the clock and we are selling out faster than we can restock! Thank you for your patience ♡♡♡.

Comes with 3 complimentary faux leather jewelry boxes.

Jade, Rose Quartz & Aquamarine Crystal Bracelets (Set of 3)
Jade, Rose Quartz & Aquamarine Crystal Bracelets (Set of 3) Sale price$99.00 Regular price$157.00

Jade, Rose Quartz & Aquamarine

Aquamarine is believed to promote calmness, soothing the mind and enhancing communication.Rose Quartz is associated with fostering self-love, emotional healing, and attracting love and harmony into one's life. Jade invites wealth, fortune, luck, protection,and a sense of tranquility into your daily life.

When combined, these crystals create a synergistic effect that encourages emotional balance, inner harmony, and a deeper connection to both self and others.


Hypoallergenic - another benefit of having jewellery plated with real gold.

With our hypoallergenic jewelry, you can finally adorn yourself with confidence and style, knowing that every piece has been thoughtfully created to prioritize your well-being.