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Jade Crystal Bracelet

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Adorned with 2 real freshwater pearls and plated with 18 karat gold, your jade bracelet not only adds a touch of natural elegance to your ensemble but also invites wealth, fortune, luck, protection, and a sense of tranquility into your daily life.

Introducing our exquisite Jade Crystal Bracelet, a harmonious blend of beauty and positive energy. Crafted with genuine jade beads, this bracelet not only captivates with its natural elegance but is also believed to bring luck, balance, and tranquility. Each polished jade stone is carefully selected for its vibrant green hues and is strung together to create a stunning accessory that effortlessly complements any style. 

Fully adjustable - simply move the golden ball.

This piece includes a jade donut, string of real organic jade beads, pearls, and 18 karat gold, a sophisticated modern twist to traditional jade bracelets, easy for everyday wear.

Customize your crystal bracelet by adding your chosen charms below, creating a unique and personalized piece that is entirely your own. 

Comes with complimentary faux leather jewelry box.

Ships in 2-3 weeks due to sudden high demand volume. Please proceed to make an order as per normal and we will ship immediately once we have received our shipment. Thank you for your patience ♡♡♡. 

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Jade Crystal Bracelet
Jade Crystal Bracelet Sale price$55.00 Regular price$70.00


Jade is believed to bring wealth, protection, and prosperity. Ancient Chinese considered Jade the most precious and beautiful natural material. Throughout history, early Spanish explorers saw natives holding pieces of the stone to their sides to cure or relieve various aches and pains.


Hypoallergenic - another benefit of having jewellery plated with real gold.

With our hypoallergenic jewelry, you can finally adorn yourself with confidence and style, knowing that every piece has been thoughtfully created to prioritize your well-being.