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Radiant Hearts Collection (set of 2)

Sale price$45.00


Radiant Hearts Gold Hoop Earrings:

Unveil your inner romantic with our Radiant Hearts Gold Hoop Earrings Collection. Each hoop boasts an opulent 18-karat gold-plated finish, casting a warm, luminous glow against your skin. The defining feature? Delicately sculpted heart accents at the center of each hoop, radiating love and charm. Whether it's a night out on the town or a special occasion, our Sacred Heart Hoop earrings and Jewel Hoop earrings are your secret weapons for elevating your style game. Make a statement that reflects your inner radiance and sparkle with confidence. 

Your earrings are solid 18K gold-plated, made with the highest AAA grade of zirconium diamonds, hypoallergenic, tarnish-proof and waterproof.

Each collection comes with 3 pairs of earrings. Every collection comes with Mokmok Jewelry's statement faux leather jewelry box - complimentary.

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Radiant Hearts Collection (set of 2)
Radiant Hearts Collection (set of 2) Sale price$45.00

Covered in real 18k solid gold

Each piece is meticulously plated 5 times using an eco-friendly process with real 18-karat gold over brass hardware, giving it a brilliantly lustrous shine.

Discover the perfect blend of beauty, luxury, and sustainability as we keep corrosion at bay while reducing environmental impact.

jewelry that loves all types of skin

Hypoallergenic - another benefit of having jewelry plated with real gold.

With our hypoallergenic jewelry, you can finally adorn yourself with confidence and style, knowing that every piece has been thoughtfully created to prioritize your well-being.