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Pink & Blue Opal Ring (set of 2)

Sale price$45.00

The pink and blue opal rings set is a harmonious blend of sophistication and allure - destined to be the centerpiece of your collection. Each ring features an exquisite 18k solid gold plated band adorned with delicate clover motifs. Pink opal clovers, exuding feminine charm and grace. Blue opal clovers, add a touch of mesmerizing mystique. This set is a testament to your unique style, offering versatile options for any occasion. With this Opal Ring Set, you're not just wearing jewelry – you're adorning yourself with a symbol of femininity, confidence and beauty that's sure to capture hearts and turn heads wherever you go. Harness positivity, passion, and love when you wear this set.

Ring is adjustable. 

Pink & Blue Opal Ring (set of 2)
Pink & Blue Opal Ring (set of 2) Sale price$45.00

Diamonds without blood

We're talking about Zirconium - it's just as brilliant, just as hard, & just as beautiful. Only differences are, there's no heartless slave labour involved, and extortion-level price tags.

This ethical choice ensures your enjoyment of its beauty guilt-free. Embrace the radiance of zirconium and enjoy a wallet-friendly option that rivals the allure of diamonds.

clover motifs

Associated with luck and protection, the four-leaf clover symboliz goesod fortune and positive energy. Additionally, these motifs can also represent unity and growth, making them meaningful adornments that capture both aesthetic beauty and deeper significance

polished 360 degrees

All our zirconium diamonds undergo advanced 4KW Mechanical polishing. With this 360-degree polishing treatment, leaving no detail untouched. This results in a flawless and perfected surface, showcasing every facet and angle in the most impeccable manner possible.