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Kennedy Ring

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Introducing the exquisite 'Kennedy Ring,' a testament to timeless elegance. Toi et Moi style, french for 'you and me'. This adjustable ring features two captivating stones - princess and pear cut zirconium diamonds. Each meticulously hand-selected for their flawless quality and the highest AAAAA-grade brilliance. Elevate your style with the finest craftsmanship and regal allure, as this ring graces your finger with the beauty of two highest-grade zirconium diamonds, evoking an aura of opulence fit for royalty.

Adjustable - Free Sized
Choice of 925 Sterling Silver band or Solid 18k Gold Plated band.

Choose Band Colour:
Kennedy Ring
Kennedy Ring Sale price$59.00 Regular price$109.00

Diamonds without blood

We're talking about Zirconium - it's just as brilliant, just as hard, & just as beautiful. Only differences are, there's no heartless slave labour involved, and extortion-level price tags.

This ethical choice ensures your enjoyment of its beauty guilt-free. Embrace the radiance of zirconium and enjoy a wallet-friendly option that rivals the allure of diamonds.

a 'toi et moi' style

French for 'you and me', the two-stone ring features two precious gems nestled next to each other. Two-stone rings are typically used to represent the coming together of two pure innocent souls, as well as love and friendship.