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Mokmok Signature Tennis Bracelet

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 Every girl needs a tennis bracelet to pair with every outfit!

 Introducing the MOKMOK Signature Tennis Bracelet, a testament to timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the world of unparalleled quality and captivating brilliance with this exquisite piece. Our bracelet features the highest quality AAAAA grade zirconium diamonds simulants, meticulously chosen for their stunning clarity and radiance, ensuring a sparkle that mirrors the brilliance of genuine diamonds. 

Each zirconium diamond stone is held with 3 prongs, ensuring its strong hold. Plated five times with 925 sterling silver or 18 karat gold of your choice, each layer adds to the durability and mirror-like shine of this accessory.

Adjustable with 2 clasps, it fits 27-32cm. On top of the MOKMOK Jewelry faux leather box that comes complimentary,  each bracelet also comes fitted with the extension clasp, do feel free to remove it for a cosier fit. 

Should you need additional clasps, just leave it in the note upon checking out! 

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Mokmok Signature Tennis Bracelet
Mokmok Signature Tennis Bracelet Sale price$49.00

diamonds without blood

We're talking about Zirconium - it's just as brilliant, just as hard, & just as beautiful. Only differences are, there's no heartless slave labour involved, and extortion-level price tags.

This ethical choice ensures your enjoyment of its beauty guilt-free. Embrace the radiance of zirconium and enjoy a wallet-friendly option that rivals the allure of diamonds.

When combined, these crystals create a synergistic effect that encourages emotional balance, inner harmony, and a deeper connection to both self and others.