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Crystal Pearl Necklace 2 in 1 Set

Sale price$49.00

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• A symbol of love, loyalty, wisdom & sophistication 

Your Crystal Pearl Necklace is a delightful duo chain layered accessory reminiscent of a summer treat. This set is like a delectable ice cream, with one chain featuring the creamy elegance of a single large baroque pearl at its heart, akin to a scoop of luscious vanilla. The other chain, a cascade of peachy orange blossom-colored crystal beads, is akin to the bright and sunny flavors of a creamsicle. Both chains, like the perfect blend of flavors, are handcrafted. It is also 18-karat gold-plated with a lobster clasp acting as the cherry on top, making it easy to savor this accessory. With this Crystal Pearl Necklace 2-in-1 Set, you can enjoy a taste of summer's sweetness with every wear, a refreshing addition to your style that's reminiscent of a delightful indulgence.

All waterproof, tarnish-proof & hypoallergenic.

Comes with a complimentary faux leather jewelry box.

Crystal Pearl Necklace 2 in 1 Set
Crystal Pearl Necklace 2 in 1 Set Sale price$49.00

freshwater river pearls

Believed to bring calmness, balance and improve your well-being. Brings you a touch of confidence, strength, purity and femininity.

sophistication & poise.


Not only does your jewelry NEVER turn green, it is also hypoallergenic! Why? Because all our pieces are plated 5 times with real 18-karat gold in an eco-friendly electroplating process. Say goodbye to skin irritations & infections forever.

from sea to land

Observe closely how your pearls get naturally brighter emitting a satin-light glow in natural settings - against flowers or greenery. The allure can't be explained, you just have to experience it yourself.

to the office

In your professional setting, stay under pressure and stress while wearing your pearl pieces at the office. A tasteful yet classy addition to your officewear. It's sure to leave a lasting impression.

100% waterproof

Tried and tested - Before we launched, we got our lovely team to wear the sample pieces of the entire collection to the ocean, the pool, and even to shower. The result? No changes to your jewelry pieces. Now, it's your turn! Rest assured, and take a splash!

this is not all

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