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Purple Jade Heart Necklace

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Lavender Jade  – symbols of opulence, calmness, and positive energy sourced directly from the heart of Henan, China. Meticulously crafted and representing the pinnacle of jade craftsmanship, these necklaces are the result of months of dedicated sourcing to ensure that we bring you the highest quality.

Our journey led us to a trusted ethical producer in Henan, China. They source jade from Brazil, Ecuador, China and Myanmar. Renowned for their expertise in extracting and transforming jade into timeless pieces of art.

In short, jade lets you LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD. Ushering in wealth, prosperity and protection are just a few of its many benefits jade brings.

Your Jade Heart Necklace features a solid jade heart with the highest quality of AAAAA zirconium diamonds decorated all around it. Warning: extremely sparkly under the sunlight. Please also note that because we only use genuine 100% authentic jade, lavender colour hues will differ from each piece, making your necklace uniquely yours!

Plated 5 times with 18 karat gold including the chain! Comes with a complimentary MOKMOK Jewelry signature faux leather jewelry box. 

Purple Jade Heart Necklace
Purple Jade Heart Necklace Sale price$59.00 Regular price$89.00