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Sofia Ring (set of 2)

Sale price$45.00

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Craving dainty fine minimalist rings? Look no further. The Sofia Ring Set is a harmonious blend of delicate minimalism and enduring allure. This exquisite set features two dainty rings, one gold and one silver, each adorned with meticulously hand-placed baguette-cut zirconium diamonds of the highest AAA grade. Elevate your style with a whiff of sophistication that's not only effortlessly refined but also irresistibly enchanting—a true testament to understated elegance and timeless appeal. Perfect for any outfit, any occassion.


A set of two rings. This set comes with one 18-karat gold-plated & one 925 Sterling Silver plated ring. This also comes with a complimentary MOKMOK Jewelry signature faux leather box.

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Sofia Ring (set of 2)
Sofia Ring (set of 2) Sale price$45.00

Diamonds without blood

We're talking about Zirconium - it's just as brilliant, just as hard, & just as beautiful. Only differences are, there's no heartless slave labour involved, and extortion-level price tags.

This ethical choice ensures your enjoyment of its beauty guilt-free. Embrace the radiance of zirconium and enjoy a wallet-friendly option that rivals the allure of diamonds.

art deco era

Ideal for stacking, baguette-style rings also evoke the Art Deco era's charm and sophistication, making them a choice that pays homage to timeless design.

polished 360 degrees

All our zirconium diamonds undergo advanced 4KW Mechanical polishing. With this 360-degree polishing treatment, leaving no detail untouched. This results in a flawless and perfected surface, showcasing every facet and angle in the most impeccable manner possible.